Supercharged steam turbine systems 
for industrial heat and power


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BUSINESS CASE: factory for mushroom pickling

An industrial plant is consuming electricity from the grid and has a natural gas fired steam boiler for its plant processes that clean, cook and bottle mushrooms to be supplied to supermarkets. The average electricity consumption is 2500kWe, and the steam boiler has a thermal power (steam production) of 4000kW with a thermal efficiency of 80%. The plant is operated for 4000 hours per year. Because steam is required, CHP with a gas engine is not an option, the plant owner can choose between his current situation, a cogeneration rankine cycle, or the RCG system from Heat Power. The RCG delivers an overall cost of energy reduction of 25%, resulting in a pay back time between 2 and 3 years. Its crude biomass compatibility allows for even further reduction of cost and CO2 emissions.