Once Through Boiler (OTB) systems

Heat Power B.V. is a specialist in the design and fabrication of fast responding boiler systems. These sub-critical steam boilers are able to generate saturated or superheated steam from saturated water. The technique makes use of forced convection heat transfer principles that combines the functionality of an economizer, evaporator and superheater, hence named a “Once Through Boiler” system. Depending on the size and application, start-up times of several minutes can be achieved while steam conditions can be varied within seconds.


Once Through Boiler Principle

Heat Power B.V. developed small scale OTB systems of several 100kW’s that are mainly used for low to medium saturated or superheated steam generation. OTB’s can be fired by a variety of gaseous or liquified heating sources, making them suitable for the majority of industrial processes. Due to their fase response, their particulary suitable for steam generation in processes that are characterized by varying heat conditions, require fast start-up times or when fast varying steam output is desired.

Heat Power B.V. has engineered, produced and commisioned OTB’s for a variety of industrial applications, such as: 

•  Fast heat reduction in flue gases of industrial thermal cleaning proces.

•  Rapid steam generation for iron powered burner

•  Waste heat powered drain-water thickener.

OTB systems will be specially designed based on your industrial process and will be delivered as a plug-in system to the majority of existing plants, minimizing downtime.