About us

Heat Power B.V. is founded in 2004 by Dr. Henk Ouwerkerk, after a patent of a new type of combined heat and gas turbine system, the Rankine Compression Gas-turbine (RCG), was successfully filled. We have gained over 10 years of experience in design and prototyping of a variety of experimental test setups at the Energy Technology group of Technical University of Eindhoven. This has made us a  specialist in small scale pressurized rapid response thermal energy systems such as forced convection boilers and heat exchangers. Experience is gained in different fields, varying from industrial waste heat recovery, combined heat and power solutions to plant optimization.


We are  able to execute a project from preliminary design to a fully certified system. Thereby there is in-house knowledge on process control and data acquisition, electrical design, (cost effective) equipment selection, mechanical design of thermal components and skid design. Projects are carried out via a fixed methodology, therefore we’re able to participate in every step of the project. By selecting “off the shelf” equipment and via a “modular design approach”, we’re able to fill the gap between early stage energy technologies and commercial scalable products. During this process, a close eye is kept on economic feasibility and technical scalability to ensure a high change of market feasibility.